I wanted to provide a means for students and adults with a disability to enhance their lives through improved mobility and access to their communities. Has R&D achieved this lofty goal?

In some ways yes and in other ways no, as I believe that there is much work still to be done. However, I wake up most days believing that R&D’s service does enhance the lives of many people that through no fault of their own, have been dealt a difficult hand.

The strong team of professionals in my employ validates my feelings that we are on the right path. This is exemplified in the following ways:

  • By the kind and caring voice on the other end of the telephone when a consumer, parent or caregiver calls an R&D customer service representative with a problem.
  • With the professional eye of an R&D field representative as they examine a vehicle for safety and maintenance issues.
  • By the expert analysis of an R&D scheduler as they look for opportunities to reduce travel time on a bus route.
  • With the reassuring presence of an R&D travel trainer as they guide an uncertain consumer to safely navigate a public transportation system.
  • And the watchful scrutiny of R&D quality assurance staff as they look for ways for us to improve service and add value to our efforts.

I’m proud of the members of the R&D Team of transportation professionals; what we do and how we do it and hope that our customers always feel the same way. If they don’t, I want to hear about it so that I can continue to strive toward the dream that was implemented almost fifteen years ago.

Charles J. Devlin
Founder, President & CEO


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Other Testimonials:

R & D partners with Tri-Counties Regional Center to fulfill its mission and responsibilities to persons with developmental disabilities on the Central Coast.
-Tri-Counties Regional Center

The benefit of one contact for all transportation issues is beneficial for the person served and their family as well as for service providers and the Tri-Counties Regional Center staff. We appreciate the systems and efficiency of R & D Transportation Services.
-Tri-Counties Regional Center

I am not sure that any one element of R&D’s services (routing, cost analysis, monthly cost reports & SOAR estimates) is actually any more important or valuable than any other one. What makes a difference is the quality of the relationship we have – it really does feel as though R&D staff are an extension of GGRC. Your words have always been backed up by your actions, and we can always trust you to carry forward in our behalf and advocate for the needs of each and every client. You are all readily available and continually demonstrate that not only do you care about the process, more importantly you care about the quality of services that carriers deliver to our clients. Our relationship has matured into a true partnership; one based upon true character – trust, credibility, flexibility, a constructive/proactive attitude, ownership (as opposed to just accountability), a sense of humor – which is continually demonstrated on a daily basis by all R&D staff from top to bottom.
-GGRC Chief Financial Officer

I can always get the accurate info in a matter of seconds and expert advice.
-GGRC Manager of Vendorization

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