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R&D Transportation Services, Inc. (R&D) is contracted by the Regional Center to provide transportation broker services that consist of Scheduling, Billing/Contract Administration, Customer Service Center, and Quality Assurance for Field Operations. Although not a direct transportation service provider, R&D coordinates with Regional Center service providers that operate safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services. To support the services outlined, R&D’s Customer Service is the first point of contact for Regional Center personnel, day program, transportation service providers, participants, and family and/or care providers. Customer Service Representatives are available to keep the riders, families, and care-providers informed of changes in schedules, disruptions of service and any transportation-related matters.

The mission of the Customer Service staff is to provide callers with courteous, efficient and professional assistance. Customer Service Representatives are trained and knowledgeable in Title 17 and California State mandated reporting requirements. Customer Service is responsible for researching and handling transportation-related questions or concerns. Customer Service will collaborate with R&D’s Quality Assurance and Scheduling departments to provide the caller with the service they require. R&D’s customer service staff is available from the time service providers begin running their service routes, until they report all riders have safely arrived at their destination. Additionally, on-call staff person is available after business hours for emergency situations.

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Contact us via our online form or toll-free number: 1 (800) 966-7114

For Non-Emergency questions or issues that you would prefer to address via a phone call, please contact us between the hours of 10:00AM and 2:00PM, M - F.

For Emergencies or a Missing Participant, please call us immediately - we're available 24 hours a day to address emergency situations.

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