About Us

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R&D Transportation Services, Inc. is a transportation management firm offering a wide range of innovative transportation consulting and management services to various customers throughout California since 1991. R&D provides Regional Centers and School Districts with process strategies and services to enhance transportation safety, service quality, and cost containment for their consumers and students. We are unique in that we work with existing service providers on behalf of our customers, to design, implement and maintain a more efficient and effective transportation system.

Prior to founding R&D Transportation Services, Mr. Devlin served as Director of Transportation for Los Angeles County Office of Education. During his tenure with LACOE, Mr. Devlin encouraged a customer focused culture that insisted on school bus safety. It was so successful, he decided to share his philosophy with other agencies, and in May 1991, R&D Transportation Services, Inc. was born.

Since its inception in 1991, our company has enjoyed strategic growth. Our expertise and customer focused approach has enabled us to create customized solutions that have proven to be the right fit for our customers. Our very first regional center customer; North Los Angeles County Regional Center, remains a customer after over 30 years. Our philosophy, developed by our Founder, Charles Devlin, is to create a partnership between our customer, transportation service providers, employment sites, day programs and schools. R&D is widely known in the specialized transportation arena, and has received numerous awards of recognition over its years of service.