Transportation Vendors

In coordination with Agencies throughout California, the R&D Team and Transportation Vendors have created a proud partnership in delivering high quality services.  Vendors are dedicated to providing specialized curb-to-curb group transportation that is person-centered, safe and reliable.  Vendors provide the connectivity for participants to reach services and supports put in place for them in their path to leading an independent and inclusive lifestyle. Transportation vendors take pride in their agency’s qualifications, dependability, customer service and trained staff. Drivers and Attendants create a safe and pleasant environment where they collaborate in a professional manner, are compassionate and interact with dignity and understanding.

Transportation is provided but not limited to Monday – Friday, to/from services and supports i.e. day program, school, work training, volunteering, with hours varying from 6:00am-6:30pm. Transportation routes are assigned and generated by R&D Transportation.

If you are interested in providing transportation please visit Becoming a Vendor.

Become a Vendor