New Vendor Information

Vendors are contracted to provide specialized curb-to-curb group transportation to individuals with developmental disabilities. If you are interested in becoming a vendor you will need to go through what is called a vendorization process. The vendorization process will ensure that your agency is fit to provide transportation services and will meet qualification requirements and standards. As part of vendorization, vendors are categorized into Service Codes (SC) that identifies the type of transportation services that will be provided: 880 SC, 875 SC or 895 SC (882 SC*).

If requirements and standards are met, a unique vendor identification number will be generated by the vendoring regional center. The vendor number and service code(s) are assigned based on the type of vendor. R&D will then proceed with producing a contract between the vendor and the regional center. Once contract as been executed the R&D team will collaborate with the vendor on service implementation. Please note once you become a vendor, quarterly vendor audits are required.

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