Founded in 1991, R&D Transportation Services, Inc. (R&D) has successfully worked with California Regional Centers and School Districts for over 30 years to deliver specialized transportation brokerage services  that consists of Scheduling, Billing, Contract Administration, Customer Service Center, and Quality Assurance in field operations.  Although, not a direct transportation service provider, R&D coordinates with transportation providers to ensure that they operate in a safe, reliable, cost effective and efficient manner primarily for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

R&D's Customer Service Department is the gateway to how we accomplish our organizational mission in promoting safe, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective transportation solutions for our customers. The Customer Service Department is usually the first point of contact and therefore, our multilingual customer services representatives serve as ears for our customers and works closely with our Planning and Quality Assurance Departments in assisting with resolving transportation service issues. The Planning Department provides vendor contract administration, computerized routing and scheduling, and works closely with R&D's Billing administration services in order insure that our customers are accurately being billed by transportation providers. R&D's Quality Assurance (QA) Department is responsible for oversight in field operations as they work with the many service providers that are contracted by our customers to provide transportation services. The QA department ensures contractual compliance with service standards for safety and quality. R&D's Quality Assurance (QA) professionals are the company's liaisons between our customer, passengers, families, day programs, and transportation service providers. In order to support this important work, R&D's Customer Service Department collaborates closely with the QA Department to establish and support close working relationships with and between the various stakeholders to address and resolve service issues, complaints, and concerns that are reported through our toll-free call center. R&D promotes a professional culture that is committed to a standard of excellence in all aspects of the company's service delivery. Ultimately, the results-driven outcomes are manifested in the strong partnerships that R&D has built with customers over the past 25 years.

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