Employee Testimonials

Alma G. | Lead Customer Service Representative

As an R&D employee, I would say that working for R&D has been a knowledgeable adventure. I've learned many things and also feel that I have helped contribute to the growth of my department.

Sandra M. | Customer Service Representative

On May 22nd, 2013, I started with R&D Transportation Services as a part-time Customer Service Representative. After just a couple of months, I began working full-time and gradually was presented with additional responsibilities. Through my hard work and dedication, R&D acknowledged my potential and promoted me to my current role as an Area Representative. Presently I continue to grow in my communication skills, I am provided with excel trainings, and am expanding my knowledge on how the process of transportation works from beginning to end. At R&D we have different cultures and traditions; we’re a blended family. We all respect our beliefs and we learn from one another. To any future candidate, I would say that at R&D we are like family. We welcome everyone with open arms and are excited for you and your future growth with us. We work as a team, always together. It has been a great opportunity working here and is an even better one to know I have people I can count on within the company.

Delfino Z. | Scheduler

R&D has made me very fortunate to work with many knowledgeable and dedicated people and I have a great understanding of all transportation components. I now have the chance to share that with my peers. It has also allowed me to go back to school and better my education and me as a person.

Aida G. | Vendor Billing Specialist

R&D overall has a good, friendly environment. Everyone including upper management are approachable. The staff is easy to get along with besides being helpful and supportive at all times.

Marisol P. | Special Incident Reports Coordinator

R&D gave me the opportunity to join their team on August 7th, 2017 as a Special Incident Reports (SIR) Coordinator. As an undergrad student completing my BA in Psychology, there is no greater stressor than not knowing what will happen with my professional career path after I have earned my degree. Fortunately for me, I was given the chance to join R&D not only as a part-time employee but as well as a paid intern! For me that was big! There is relief knowing that I will have a place to continue my learning, growth, and development; equally somewhere to bring what I have already learned in school. R&D has worked with my school schedule and is understanding. Although each individual here has their own department or role in the office, everyone works as a team and is always willing to come together if the help is needed. Working for the population of intellectually disabled individuals is challenging but rewarding through R&D and offers more growth and knowledge than I could have imagined. If you are looking for a friendly, family-like environment, that offers growth and enrichment, then R&D is for you.

Crystal G. | Special Incident Reports Coordinator

I started working for R&D in August 2016 in the Customer Service Department. Currently I am working as a Special Incident Reports Coodinator and assisting in Quality Assurance. R&D is a great company to work for and there is always oppoortunity for growth.

Arcelia B. | Billing Specialist

I started at R&D November 1, 2017 as Customer Service Lead. One year after, I transitioned to Quality Assurance Specialist. Currently, my role is Billing Specialist in the Billing Department. R&D has offered me career advancement and has given me the training tools to successfully succeed within the company. R&D is a great company to work for. They truly appreciate Regional Center riders, vendors, and their employees.


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