Welcome M.E. Powell to R&D!

R&D Transportation Services, Inc. (R&D) is excited to welcome Marietta (M.E.) Powell as our new Office Intern. We brought on M.E. part time as part of our participation in the Tri-Counties Regional Center internship program. The ARC of Ventura County, a nonprofit organization and job placement agency for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, referred M.E. and we are very lucky to have her join R&D.

Since May 2018, M.E. has been working part time in a variety of office duties such as stamping mail, organizing office supplies, recycling, updating our quote board and other related responsibilities around the office. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and friendly demeanor have been exemplified in all that she does.

I was thankful M.E. answered the following questions about herself.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I have multiple hobbies that make me who I am. I love art, blogging, photography, singing, sports, dancing, traveling and watching movies. Writing “is my life’s passion.” I also love to work out with my personal trainer.

Do you have a favorite book or movie?

If I had to choose one book it would be Pretty Little Liars and my favorite movies are Little Mermaid and Lion King

Do you have an inspirational quote you live by?

There are just such great and inspirational quotes but the quote I value the most is “Cherishing every little moment because by the end it will be worth cherishing.”

What has been your experience so far at R&D in your role?

I greatly appreciate all my duties and the many co-workers who have taught me. I “LOVE” doing the weekly quotes. In conclusion, working here even though I sound like a nerd, I completely love it here. Working in an office is my greatest dream job.

Thank you M.E. for all that you do. At R&D we enjoy M.E.’s jubilant personality and she is an absolute pleasure to have in the office. Welcome M.E. Powell to the R&D team!